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 2022Cell-specific metabolic reprogramming of tumors for bioactivatable ferroptosis therapyLi, Yanan; Li, Menghuan; Liu, Li; Xue, Chencheng; Fei, Yang; Wang, Xuan; Zhang, Yuchen; Cai, Kaiyong; Zhao, Yanli; Luo, Zhong
2023Designing solvated double-layer polymer electrolytes with molecular interactions mediated stable interfaces for sodium ion batteriesPan, Jun; Zhang, Yuchen; Sun, Fu; Osenberg, Markus; Hilger, André; Manke, Ingo; Cao, Ruiguo; Dou, Shi Xue; Fan, Hong Jin
 2022Gene-related Parkinson's disease diagnosis via feature-based multi-branch octave convolution networkLei, Haijun; Zhang, Yuchen; Li, Hancong; Huang, Zhongwei; Liu, Chien-Hung; Zhou, Feng; Tan, Ee-Leng; Xiao, Xiaohua; Lei, Yi; Hu, Huoyou; Huang, Yaohui; Lei, Baiying
 2018A hierarchical self-adaptive data-analytics method for real-time power system short-term voltage stability assessmentZhang, Yuchen; Xu, Yan; Dong, Zhao Yang; Zhang, Rui
 2023Internal and external co-engineering of stable cathode interface improves cycle performance of polymer sodium batteriesPan, Jun; Hu, Lulu; Zhang, Yuchen; Zhang, Tao; Wang, Nana; Dou, Shixue; Fan, Hong Jin
 2019A missing-data tolerant method for data-driven short-term voltage stability assessment of power systemsZhang, Yuchen; Xu, Yan; Zhang, Rui; Dong, Zhao Yang
 2019Online power system dynamic security assessment with incomplete PMU measurements : a robust white-box modelZhang, Yuchen; Xu, Yan; Bu, Siqi; Dong, Zhao Yang; Zhang, Rui
 2018Real-time assessment of fault-induced delayed voltage recovery : a probabilistic self-adaptive data-driven methodZhang, Yuchen; Xu, Yan; Dong, Zhao Yang; Zhang, Pei
 2017Robust dispatch of high wind power-penetrated power systems against transient instabilityXu, Yan; Yin, Minghui; Dong, Zhao Yang; Zhang, Rui; Hill, David John; Zhang, Yuchen
 2017Robust ensemble data analytics for incomplete PMU measurements-based power system stability assessmentZhang, Yuchen; Xu, Yan; Dong, Zhao Yang
2022Simulation channel modelling and propagation through office building using 5G/B5G wireless communicationsZhang, Yuchen