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2016A 65nm CMOS operational amplifier for analog/mixed-signal circuit applicationsZhang, Yufei
2017Coordinated droop control for distributed generation in microgridsZhang, Yufei
19-Dec-2018An FPGA implementation of redundant residue number system for low-cost fast speed fault-tolerant computationsZhang, Yufei
2017From zinc-cyanide hybrid coordination polymers to hierarchical yolk-shell structures for high-performance and ultra-stable lithium-ion batteriesFan, Haosen; Yu, Hong; Zhang, Yufei; Guo, Jing; Wang, Zhen; Wang, Hao; Hao, Xi; Zhao, Ning; Geng, Hongbo; Dai, Zhengfei; Yan, Qingyu; Xu, Jian
2014Phase-controlled synthesis of α-NiS nanoparticles confined in carbon nanorods for high performance supercapacitorsSun, Chencheng; Ma, Mingze; Yang, Jun; Zhang, Yufei; Chen, Peng; Huang, Wei; Dong, Xiaochen