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 2020Analysis of moving target defense against false data injection attacks on power gridZhang, Z.; Deng, Ruilong; Yau, D. K. Y.; Cheng, P.; Chen, J.
2009Co-seismic ruptures of the 12 May 2008, Ms 8.0 Wenchuan earthquake, Sichuan : East–west crustal shortening on oblique, parallel thrusts along the eastern edge of TibetLiu-Zeng, J.; Zhang, Z.; Wen, L.; Sun, J.; Xing, X.; Hu, G.; Xu, Q.; Zeng, L.; Ding, L.; Ji, C.; Hudnut, K. W.; van der Woerd, J.; Tapponnier, Paul
2012Dependence of negative differential resistance on electronic phase separation in unpatterned manganite filmsDing, J. F.; Jin, K. X.; Zhang, Z.; Tom, Wu
 2014Influence of different CH4/N2 ratios on structural and mechanical properties of a-CNx : H film synthesized using plasma focusUmar, Z. A.; Ahmad, R.; Rawat, R. S.; Hussnain, A.; Khalid, N.; Chen, Z.; Shen, L.; Zhang, Z.; Hussain, T.
2014Probing the domain structure of BiFeO3 epitaxial films with three-dimensional reciprocal space mappingLuo, Z. L.; Chen, Z. H.; Fong, D. D.; Huang, H.; Zhou, H.; Yang, Y.; Wu, L.; Zhu, C.; Wang, H.; Yang, M.; Hu, S.; Wen, H.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, Z.; Chen, L.; Gao, C.
2020Selective modulation of plasma parameters in an atmospheric dielectric barrier discharge driven by sawtooth-type tailored voltage waveformsZhang, Z.; Nie, Q.; Wang, Z.; Lim, Mark Jian Wei
2010Ultrathin single-crystal ZnO nanobelts : Ag-catalyzed growth and field emission propertyXing, G. Z.; Fang, X. S.; Zhang, Z.; Wang, D. D.; Huang, X.; Guo, J.; Liao, L.; Zheng, Z.; Xu, H. R.; Yu, T.; Shen, Zexiang; Huan, Alfred Cheng Hon; Sum, Tze Chien; Zhang, Hua; Wu, T.