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2018Evaluation of thermal comfort criteria of an active chilled beam system in tropical climate : a comparative studyLamano, Adrian Sansoldi; Azad, Abdus Salam; Rakshit, Dibakar; Wan, Man Pun; Babu, Sushanth; Sarvaiya, Jatin N.; Zhang, Zhe; Krishnasayee, Krithika; Gao, Chun Ping; Valliappan, Selvam; Goh, Alice; Seoh, Alvin; Kumar, Divya E. V. S. Kiran
2012Hydroxyapatite coated polymer microspheres for drug deliveryZhang, Zhe
 2020Imbalance current analysis and its suppression methodology for parallel SiC MOSFETs with aid of a differential mode chokeZeng, Zheng; Zhang, Xin; Zhang, Zhe
2018Investigation of an integrated automated blinds and dimmable lighting system for tropical climate in a rotatable testbed facilityBabu, Sushanth; Zhou, Jian; Wan, Man Pun; Zhang, Zhe; Gao, Chun-ping; Valliappan, Selvam; Goh, Alice; Seoh, Alvin; Lamano, Adrian Sansoldi; Sarvaiya, Jatin Narotam; Kumar, Divya E. V. S. Kiran
2015Investigation of electrical effects on quartz using laserZhang, Zhe
 2019Sequential offline-online-offline measurement approach for high-frequency LCLC resonant converters in the TWTA applicationsZhao, Bin; Zhang, Xin; Zhang, Zhe
2018A state-space thermal model incorporating humidity and thermal comfort for model predictive control in buildingsYang, Shiyu; Wan, Man Pun; Ng, Bing Feng; Zhang, Tian; Babu, Sushanth; Zhang, Zhe; Chen, Wanyu; Dubey, Swapnil
 2019Three-step switching frequency selection criteria for the generalized CLLC-type DC transformer in hybrid AC-DC microgridHuang, Jingjing; Zhang, Xin; Zhang, Zhe