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2015Direct observation of multistep energy transfer in LHCII with fifth-order 3D electronic spectroscopyZhang, Zhengyang; Lambrev, Petar H.; Wells, Kym Lewis; Garab, Győző; Tan, Howe-Siang
2013Fifth-Order Three-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy Using a Pump–Probe ConfigurationZhang, Zhengyang; Wells, Kym L.; Seidel, Marco T.; Tan, Howe-Siang
2018Metal 4D printing of NiTi shape memory alloysZhang, Zhengyang
2014Pathways of energy transfer in LHCII revealed by room-temperature 2D electronic spectroscopyWells, Kym L.; Lambrev, Petar H.; Zhang, Zhengyang; Garab, Gyözö; Tan, Howe-Siang
 2012Phase-cycling schemes for pump–probe beam geometry two-dimensional electronic spectroscopyZhang, Zhengyang; Wells, Kym Lewis; Hyland, Edward William James; Tan, Howe-Siang
2012Purely absorptive fifth-order three-dimensional electronic spectroscopyZhang, Zhengyang; Wells, Kym Lewis; Tan, Howe-Siang
2011Surge in SpikeProp algorithmZhang, Zhengyang