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2016Closely Spaced MEG Source Localization and Functional Connectivity Analysis Using a New Prewhitening Invariance of Noise Space AlgorithmZhang, Junpeng; Cui, Yuan; Deng, Lihua; He, Ling; Zhang, Junran; Zhang, Jing; Zhou, Qun; Liu, Qi; Zhang, Zhiguo
2016Decoding subjective intensity of nociceptive pain from pre-stimulus and post-stimulus brain activitiesTu, Yiheng; Tan, Ao; Bai, Yanru; Hung, Yeung Sam; Zhang, Zhiguo
2017Nonlinear dynamic measurement of self-sustained thermoacoustic oscillations in a swirling combustor with a heat exchangerZhang, Zhiguo; Li, Guoneng; Li, Xinyan; Han, Nuomin; Jin, Xiao
2016Normalization of pain-evoked neural reponses using spontaneous EEG improves the performance of EEG-based cross-individual pain predictionHung, Yeung Sam; Zhang, Zhiguo; Huang, Gan; Tu, Yiheng; Tan, Ao; Bai, Yanru
2015Task-related functional connectivity dynamics in a block-designed visual experimentDi, Xin; Fu, Zening; Chan, Shing Chow; Hung, Yeung Sam; Biswal, Bharat B.; Zhang, Zhiguo