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 2018Ball prolate spheroidal wave functions in arbitrary dimensionsZhang, Jing; Li, Huiyuan; Wang, Li-Lian; Zhang, Zhimin
2016Optimal Fractional Integration Preconditioning and Error Analysis of Fractional Collocation Method Using Nodal Generalized Jacobi FunctionsHuang, Can; Jiao, Yujian; Wang, Li-Lian; Zhang, Zhimin
 2017Optimal Spectral Schemes Based on Generalized Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions of Order -1Zhang, Jing; Wang, Li-Lian; Li, Huiyuan; Zhang, Zhimin
2014Superconvergence of Jacobi Gauss type spectral interpolationWang, Li-Lian; Zhao, Xiaodan; Zhang, Zhimin