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2018Graphene nanoscroll/nanosheet aerogels with confined SnS 2 nanosheets : simultaneous wrapping and bridging for high-performance lithium-ion battery anodesZhang, Youfang; Zhao, Chenyang; Zeng, Zhihui; Ang, Jia Ming; Che, Boyang; Wang, Zhe; Lu, Xuehong
2017Highly Stretchable, Sensitive Strain Sensors with Wide Linear Sensing Region Based on Compressed Anisotropic Graphene Foam/Polymer NanocompositesZeng, Zhihui; Seyed Shahabadi, Seyed Ismail; Che, Boyang; Zhang, Youfang; Zhao, Chenyang; Lu, Xuehong
2019Mussel-inspired approach to cross-linked functional 3D nanofibrous aerogels for energy-efficient filtration of ultrafine airborne particlesZhang, Youfang; Zeng, Zhihui; Ma, Daphne Xiu Yun; Zhao, Chenyang; Ang, Jia Ming; Ng, Bing Feng; Wan, Man Pun; Wong, Shing-Chung; Wang, Zhe; Lu, Xuehong
 2019Porous polyaniline/carbon nanotube composite electrode for supercapacitors with outstanding rate capability and cyclic stabilityChe, Boyang; Li, Hui; Zhou, Dan; Zhang, Youfang; Zeng, Zhihui; Zhao, Chenyang; He, Chaobin; Liu, Erjia; Lu, Xuehong
2016Self-Assembly-Induced Alternately Stacked Single-Layer MoS2 and N-doped Graphene: A Novel van der Waals Heterostructure for Lithium-Ion BatteriesZhao, Chenyang; Wang, Xu; Kong, Junhua; Ang, Jia Ming; Lee, Pooi See; Liu, Zhaolin; Lu, Xuehong
2016Tuning structures and morphology of MoS2/carbon nanocomposites for their applications as lithium-ion battery anodeZhao, Chenyang
 2019Ultrafast-freezing-assisted mild preparation of biomass-derived, hierarchically porous, activated carbon aerogels for high-performance supercapacitorsZhang, Youfang; Zhao, Chenyang; Ong, Wee Kit; Lu, Xuehong