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 2012Advances in electrokinetics and their applications in micro/nano fluidicsZhao, Cunlu; Yang, Chun
 2013Collective effects on thermophoresis of colloids : a microfluidic study within the framework of DLVO theoryZhao, Yugang; Zhao, Cunlu; He, Jinhua; Zhou, Yi; Yang, Chun
 2018Continuous-flow trapping and localized enrichment of micro- and nano-particles using induced-charge electrokineticsZhao, Cunlu; Yang, Chun
 2023Durable drag reduction and anti-corrosion for liquid flows inside lubricant-infused aluminum/copper capillariesYan, Huilong; Zhang, Wenyao; Cui, Yonghe; Qian, Fang; Wei, Dongmin; Guo, Panpan; Jiao, Kai; Huang, Jin; Wang, Qiuwang; Zhao, Cunlu
2017Dynamic Electroosmotic Flows of Power-Law Fluids in Rectangular MicrochannelsZhao, Cunlu; Zhang, Wenyao; Yang, Chun
 2012Electro-osmotic flows in a microchannel with patterned hydrodynamic slip wallsZhao, Cunlu; Yang, Chun
2017Electrokinetically driven continuous-flow enrichment of colloidal particles by Joule heating induced temperature gradient focusing in a convergent-divergent microfluidic structureZhao, Cunlu; Ge, Zhengwei; Song, Yongxin; Yang, Chun
 2013Electroosmotic flows of non-Newtonian power-law fluids in a cylindrical microchannelZhao, Cunlu; Yang, Chun
 2014Enhancement of electrophoretic mobility of microparticles near a solid wall-experimental verificationLiang, Qian; Zhao, Cunlu; Yang, Chun
2017Induced charge effects on electrokinetic entry flowPrabhakaran, Rama Aravind; Zhou, Yilong; Zhao, Cunlu; Hu, Guoqing; Song, Yongxin; Wang, Junsheng; Yang, Chun; Xuan, Xiangchun
2015Induced-charge electrokinetics in a conducting nanochannel with broken geometric symmetry : towards a flexible control of ionic transportZhao, Cunlu; Song, Yongxin; Yang, Chun
2012Induced-charge nonlinear electrokinetic phenomena and applications in micro/nano fluidicsZhao, Cunlu
 2012Joule heating induced heat transfer for electroosmotic flow of power-law fluids in a microcapillaryZhao, Cunlu; Yang, Chun
 2022Membrane-based indirect power generation technologies for harvesting salinity gradient energy - a reviewJiao, Yanmei; Song, Linhui; Zhao, Cunlu; An, Yi; Lu, Weiyu; He, Bin; Yang, Chun
2012A method of producing electrokinetic power through forward osmosisHon, Kar Cherng; Zhao, Cunlu; Yang, Chun; Low, Seow Chay
2017Microfluidic Techniques for Analytes ConcentrationZhao, Cunlu; Ge, Zhengwei; Yang, Chun
 2019Microfluidics-based fundamental characterization of external concentration polarization in forward osmosisJiao, Yanmei; Zhao, Cunlu; Kang, Yuejun; Yang, Chun
 2022Numerical analysis of thermophoresis of charged colloidal particles in non-Newtonian concentrated electrolyte solutionsZhou, Yi; Deng, Xin; Liang, Sheng; Zhao, Cunlu; Yang, Chun
 2022Simultaneous thermoosmotic and thermoelectric responses in nanoconfined electrolyte solutions: effects of nanopore structures and membrane propertiesZhang, Wenyao; Farhan, Muhammad; Jiao, Kai; Qian, Fang; Guo, Panpan; Wang, Qiuwang; Yang, Charles Chun; Zhao, Cunlu
2018Transient characteristics of electric double layer charging and the associated induced-charge electrokinetic flowZhao, Cunlu; Yang, Chun; Wang, Qiuwang; Zeng, Min