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 2018Clinical trial supply chain design based on the Pareto-optimal trade-off between time and costZhao, Hui; Wu, Kan; Huang, Edward
2005Discussion on new issues faced by China's traditional material suppliers : the case analysis and discussion on business model and process reengineering of Hengwu companyLi, Wei; Zhang, Peiliang; Zhao, Hui
 2019Generating new cross‐relaxation pathways by coating prussian blue on NaNdF4 to fabricate enhanced photothermal agentsYu, Zhongzheng; Hu, Wenbo; Zhao, Hui; Miao, Xiaofei; Guan, Yan; Cai, Weizheng; Zeng, Zhiping; Fan, Quli; Tan, Timothy Thatt Yang
 2018Lysosome-assisted mitochondrial targeting nanoprobe based on dye-modified upconversion nanophosphors for ratiometric imaging of mitochondrial hydrogen sulfideLi, Xiang; Zhao, Hui; Ji, Yu; Yin, Chao; Li, Jie; Yang, Zhen; Tang, Yufu; Zhang, Qichun; Fan, Quli; Huang, Wei
 2019A multi-objective production planning problem with the consideration of time and cost in clinical trialsZhao, Hui; Huang, Edward; Dou, Runliang; Wu, Kan
2019Optimal network design and inventory planning for clinical trial supply chainsZhao, Hui
 2013A scaling roadmap and performance evaluation of in-plane and perpendicular MTJ based STT-MRAMs for high-density cache memoryChun, Ki Chul; Zhao, Hui; Harms, Jonathan D.; Kim, Tony Tae-Hyoung; Wang, Jian-Ping; Kim, Chris H.