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 2020Atomically dispersed CoN4/B, N-C nanotubes boost oxygen reduction in rechargeable Zn–air batteriesZhao, Ruopeng; Chen, J.; Chen, Z.; Jiang, Xian; Fu, Gengtao; Tang, Y.; Jin, W.; Lee, Jong-Min; Huang, S.
 2020B, N-doped ultrathin carbon nanosheet superstructure for high-performance oxygen reduction reaction in rechargeable zinc-air batteryZhao, Ruopeng; Li, Qinghua; Chen, Zhijing; Jose, Vishal; Jiang, Xian; Fu, Gengtao; Lee, Jong-Min; Huang, Shaoming
 2019A novel strategy for the synthesis of hollow Pt–Cu tetradecahedrons as an efficient electrocatalyst toward methanol oxidationZhao, Ruopeng; Fu, Gengtao; Chen, Zhijing; Tang, Yawen; Wang, Yi; Huang, Shaoming