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 2012Chemically induced morphing in polyurethane shape memory polymer micro fibers/springsWang, Chang Chun; Zhao, Yong; Purnawali, Hendra; Huang, Wei Min; Sun, Li
1997Computation of compressible flows using euler solvers on unstructured and adaptive meshesHuang, Daniel Hai.
2001Computer simulation of complex free surface flowsTan, Hsiang Hui.
2019Day-ahead coordinated scheduling of hydro and wind power generation system considering uncertaintiesLi, Yuanzheng; Zhao, Tianyang; Liu, Chang; Zhao, Yong; Yu, Zhiyuan; Li, Kaicheng; Wu, Lei
2000Design, analysis and fabrication of microfluidic devicesMd. Anisur Rahman.
2004Development of photo-resist application process using pre-wet techniqueAnup Ramachandran
1999Direct simulation Monte Carlo method of deposition processesTan, Chee Hong.
2001General method for simulation of incompressible flows with : moving & compliant boundaries using unstructured gridForhad Ahmed.
2013Mechanisms of the shape memory effect in polymeric materialsWu, Xuelian; Huang, Wei Min; Zhao, Yong; Ding, Zheng; Tang, Cheng; Zhang, Jiliang
1997Multigrid computation of high-speed turbulent flows in ductsDing, Zhongman
2002Numerical and experimental study of pulsatile flow in bi-leaflet mechanical heart valvesShi , Yubing.
2000Parallel unstructured grid DSMC for the study of molecular gas dynamics in semi-conductor manufacturingSingh, Abhinav.
2001Parallel unstructured multigrid method for numerical simulation of compressible and incompressible viscous flowsTai, Chin Hoe
2004Parallel-multigrid computation of prosthetic heart valves under physiological conditions using an immersed object method with overlapping gridsTai, Chin Hoe
2021Patient/breast-specific detection of breast tumor based on patients’ thermograms, 3D breast scans, and reverse thermal modellingMukhmetov, Olzhas; Mashekova, Aigerim; Zhao, Yong; Midlenko, Anna; Ng, Eddie Yin Kwee; Fok, Sai Cheong
2013Shape memory technology : working mechanisms, modeling and surface patterning applicationZhao, Yong
2000Study of a micro pumpLim, Kok Poh.
2017Thermo-Responsive Shape-Memory Effect and Surface Features in Polycarbonate (PC)Wu, Xue Lian; Wang, Tao Xi; Huang, Wei Min; Zhao, Yong
 2012Three dimensional surface patterning atop poly(methyl Methacrylate) (PMMA)Zhao, Yong; Huang, Wei Min; Purnawali, Hendra