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2014Divergence of zebrafish and mouse lymphatic cell fate specification pathwaysImpel, Andreas van; Zhao, Zhonghua; Hermkens, Dorien M. A.; Roukens, M. Guy; Fischer, Johanna C.; Peterson-Maduro, Josi; Duckers, Henricus; Ober, Elke A.; Ingham, Philip William; Schulte-Merker, Stefan
2016An essential role for Grk2 in Hedgehog signalling downstream of SmoothenedZhao, Zhonghua; Lee, Raymond Teck Ho; Pusapati, Ganesh V.; Iyu, Audrey; Rohatgi, Rajat; Ingham, Philip William
2016Hedgehog signallingLee, Raymond Teck Ho; Zhao, Zhonghua; Ingham, Philip William
2013Structure and function of the smoothened extracellular domain in vertebrate hedgehog signalingRohatgi, Rajat; Nachtergaele, Sigrid; Whalen, Daniel M; Mydock, Laurel K; Zhao, Zhonghua; Malinauskas, Tomas; Krishnan, Kathiresan; Covey, Douglas F; Siebold, Christian; Ingham, Philip William
2013Targeted inactivation and identification of targets of the Gli2a transcription factor in the zebrafishWang, Xingang; Zhao, Zhonghua; Muller, Julius; Iyu, Audrey; Khng, Alexis Jiaying; Guccione, Ernesto; Ruan, Yijun; Ingham, Philip William