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 2012An alternative method for constructing interpolatory subdivision from approximating subdivisionLi, Xin.; Zheng, Jianmin.
 2012Approximate T-spline surface skinningYang, Xunnian.; Zheng, Jianmin.
2006Developing subdivision-based techniques for the next generation of digital multimediaZheng, Jianmin.
 2012Euler arc splines for curve completionZhou, Hailing.; Zheng, Jianmin.; Yang, Xunnian.
 2012Local T-spline surface skinningNasri, Ahmad.; Sinno, Khaled.; Zheng, Jianmin.
 2012On linear independence of T-spline blending functionsZheng, Jianmin.; Sederberg, Thomas W.; Hughes, Thomas J. R.; Scott, Michael A.; Li, Xin.
 2012Shape aware normal interpolation for curved surface shading from polyhedral approximationYang, Xunnian.; Zheng, Jianmin.