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2018Dynamics changes of CRISPR-Cas9 systems induced by high fidelity mutationsZheng, Liangzhen; Shi, Jiahai; Mu, Yuguang
2016Fimbrin phosphorylation by metaphase Cdk1 regulates actin cable dynamics in budding yeastMiao, Yansong; Han, Xuemei; Zheng, Liangzhen; Xie, Ying; Mu, Yuguang; Yates, John R.; Drubin, David G.
2019Ligand binding induces agonistic-like conformational adaptations in helix 12 of progesterone receptor ligand binding domainZheng, Liangzhen; Xia, Kelin; Mu, Yuguang
2018Phospho‐regulation of intrinsically disordered proteins for actin assembly and endocytosisMiao, Yansong; Tipakornsaowapak, Teepiyanut; Zheng, Liangzhen; Mu, Yuguang; Lewellyn, Eric
2019Progesterone receptor ligand binding domain : from conformational dynamics to drug discoveryZheng, Liangzhen
2017Structure and Interactions of A Host Defense Antimicrobial Peptide Thanatin in Lipopolysaccharide Micelles Reveal Mechanism of Bacterial Cell AgglutinationSinha, Sheetal; Zheng, Liangzhen; Mu, Yuguang; Ng, Wun Jern; Bhattacharjya, Surajit