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2015Density-based evolutionary framework for crowd model calibrationZhong, Jinghui; Hu, Nan; Cai, Wentong; Lees, Micheal; Luo, Linbo
 2018Evolutionary multitasking via explicit autoencodingFeng, Liang; Zhou, Lei; Zhong, Jinghui; Gupta, Abhishek; Ong, Yew-Soon; Tan, Kay-Chen; Qin, A. K.
2018Guide them through : an automatic crowd control framework using multi-objective genetic programmingHu, Nan; Zhong, Jinghui; Zhou, Joey Tianyi; Zhou, Suiping; Cai, Wentong; Monterola, Christopher
 2016Learning behavior patterns from video for agent-based crowd modeling and simulationZhong, Jinghui; Cai, Wentong; Luo, Linbo; Zhao, Mingbi
2016Sampling-based adaptive bounding evolutionary algorithm for continuous optimization problemsLuo, Linbo; Hou, Xiangting; Zhong, Jinghui; Cai, Wentong; Ma, Jianfeng
2017Surrogate assisted calibration framework for crowd model calibrationYi, Wenchao; Zhong, Jinghui; Tan, Singkuang; Cai, Wentong; Hu, Nan