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 2012The effect of carbon nanotube chirality on the spiral flow of copper atoms in their coresLim, M. C. G.; Zhong, Z. W.
 2012A hybrid analytical model for the transverse vibration response of a micro-end millZhong, Z. W.; Mustapha, K. B.
2015Improvement of the pad wear shape in fixed abrasive chemical-mechanical polishing for manufacturing optical componentsNguyen, N. Y.; Tian, Y. B.; Zhong, Z. W.
 2012An investigation of thermal contact conductance using the lumped parameter methodChow, J. H.; Zhong, Z. W.; Lin, W.; Khoo, L. P.
 2012Microstructure formation via roll-to-roll UV embossing using a flexible mould made from a laminated polymer–copper filmZhong, Z. W.; Shan, X. C.
 2013A new modeling approach for the dynamics of a micro end mill in high-speed micro-cuttingMustapha, K. B.; Zhong, Z. W.
 2011Optimization of the chemical mechanical polishing process for optical silicon substratesZhong, Z. W.; Tian, Y. B.; Ang, Y. J.; Wu, H.
 2012Slurry flow visualisation of chemical mechanical polishing based on a computational fluid dynamics modelTian, Y. B.; Lai, S. T.; Zhong, Z. W.
 2010Stability of single-walled carbon nanotubes and single-walled carbon nanocones under self-weight and an axial tip forceMustapha, K. B.; Zhong, Z. W.
2016Studies of air traffic forecasts, airspace load and the effect of ADS-B via satellites on flight timesZhong, Z. W.; Ridhwan Salleh, Saiful; Chow, W. X.; Ong, Z. M.
 2012A study of thermal deformation in the carriage of a permanent magnet direct drive linear motor stageLin, W.; Chow, J. H.; Zhong, Z. W.; Khoo, L. P.
2003Ultra-precision machining and micro fabrication of advanced materials for optical applicationsZhong, Z. W.
2016Visual signature reduction of unmanned aerial vehiclesZhong, Z. W.; Ma, Z. X.; Jayawijayaningtiyas; Ngoh, J. H. H.
 2011Wave propagation characteristics of a twisted micro scale beamMustapha, K. B.; Zhong, Z. W.