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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2020Advanced polishing, grinding and finishing processes for various manufacturing applications: a reviewZhong, Zhao Wei
 2014An analytical investigation of pad wear caused by the conditioner in fixed abrasive chemical–mechanical polishingNguyen, N. Y.; Zhong, Zhao Wei; Tian, Yebing
 2017Design and experiment of controlled bistable vortex induced vibration energy harvesting systems operating in chaotic regionsHuynh, Bao Huy; Tjahjowidodo, Tegoeh; Zhong, Zhao Wei; Wang, Youyi; Srikanth, Narasimalu
2016Determining the Future Demand: Studies for Air Traffic Forecasting RemovePhyoe, Su Myat; Lee, Yu Xuan; Zhong, Zhao Wei
 2013Development of fixed abrasive chemical mechanical polishing process for glass disk substratesTian, Ye Bing; Zhong, Zhao Wei; Lai, S. T.; Ang, Y. J.
2018Evaluation of bonding strength and surface quality of wood exposed to accelerated soakingNg, Q. L.; Zhong, Zhao Wei; Hiziroglu, S.
2016Evolutionary in solid state recycling techniques of aluminium : a reviewMohammad Amri Lajis; Zhong, Zhao Wei; Shamsudin, Shazarel
 2017Forecasting air passenger volume in Singapore: Determining the explanatory variables for econometric modelsGuo, Rui; Zhong, Zhao Wei
2004Lead-free PCB assembly and effect of solder joint profile on the reliability of PCB assemblyPeriannan Arulvanan.
 2014Modeling and simulation for the distribution of slurry particles in chemical mechanical polishingNguyen, N. Y.; Tian, Yebing; Zhong, Zhao Wei
 2018Modelling and simulation studies of the runway capacity of Changi AirportTee, Y. Y.; Zhong, Zhao Wei
 2021A novel technique to fabricate magnetic polydimethylsiloxane micropillarYang, Xiaoming; Zhong, Zhao Wei
2019An optimization approach towards air traffic forecasting : a case study of air traffic in Changi airportSailauov, Tolebi; Zhong, Zhao Wei
2018Overview of recent developments in modelling and simulations for analyses of airspace structures and traffic flowsZhong, Zhao Wei
 2020Parametric investigation of flexographic printing processes for R2R printed electronicsZhong, Zhao Wei; Ee, J. H.; Chen, S. H.; Shan, X. C.
2017Parametric optimisation of heat treated recycling aluminium (AA6061) by response surface methodologyYusuf, N. K.; Ahmad, A.; Lajis, M. A.; Shamsudin, S.; Zhong, Zhao Wei
 2020Recent developments and applications of chemical mechanical polishingZhong, Zhao Wei
2016Solid-state recycling of light metals: A reviewShamsudin, Shazarel; Lajis, M. A.; Zhong, Zhao Wei
1997A study of friction behaviour and lubricant thickness effects in head disk interfaceGan, Wuxing
 2018A study of screen printing of stretchable circuits on polyurethane substratesZhong, Zhao Wei; Tang, Reuben Wei Liang; Chen, S. H.; Shan, Xue Chuan