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2019Attenuation of rock blasting induced ground vibration in rock-soil interfaceJayasinghe, Bhagya; Zhao, Zhiye; Goh, Anthony Teck Chee; Zhou, Hongyuan; Gui, Yilin
2012Double-layer floor to mitigate in-structure shock of underground structures : a conceptual designZhou, Hongyuan; Ma, Guowei
2011Energy absorption analysis of density graded aluminum foamLi, Jingde; Ma, Guowei; Zhou, Hongyuan; Du, Xiuli
2012In-structure shock assessment and mitigation of structuresZhou, Hongyuan
2011In-structure shock assessment of underground structures with consideration of rigid body motionMa, Guowei; Zhou, Hongyuan; Chong, Karen
2015In-structure shock of surface structures : a theoretical approachZhou, Hongyuan; Wang, Xiaojuan
2013In-structure shock of underground structures : a revisit with experimental investigationZhou, Hongyuan; Beppu, Masuhiro; Ma, Guowei; Zhao, Zhiye
2010In-structure shock of underground structures : a theoretical approachMa, Guowei; Zhou, Hongyuan; Lu, Yong; Chong, Karen
2009The influence of elastic shear deformation on the transverse shear failure of a fully clamped beam subjected to idealized blast loadingLi, Q. M.; Ye, Z. Q.; Jones, N.; Ma, Guowei; Zhou, Hongyuan
2017Numerical analysis of reinforced concrete piles under blast loadsJayasinghe, Laddu Bhagya; Goh, Anthony Teck Chee; Zhao, Zhiye; Zhou, Hongyuan; Gui, Yilin
2017Pile foundation response to ground vibration from rock blastingJayasinghe, Laddu Bhagya; Zhao, Zhiye; Goh, Anthony Teck Chee; Zhou, Hongyuan; Gui, Yilin
2012Protection against blast load with cellular materials and structuresZhou, Hongyuan; Zhao, Zhiye; Ma, Guowei
2009Stress amplification effect of lungZhou, Hongyuan; Ma, Guowei