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2022Advanced fiber-shaped aqueous Zn ion battery integrated with strain sensorZhang, Haozhe; Xiong, Ting; Zhou, Tianzhu; Zhang, Xiao; Wang, Yuntian; Zhou, Xuhui; Wei, Lei
2022Progress in metafibers for sustainable radiative cooling and prospects of achieving thermally drawn metafibersQi, Miao; Wu, Tingting; Wang, Zhe; Wang, Zhixun; He, Bing; Zhang, Haozhe; Liu, Yanting; Xin, Jiwu; Zhou, Tianzhu; Zhou, Xuhui; Wei, Lei
2022Stretchable fiber-shaped aqueous aluminum ion batteriesXiong, Ting; He, Bing; Zhou, Tianzhu; Wang, Zhe; Wang, Zhixun; Xin, Jiwu; Zhang, Haozhe; Zhou, Xuhui; Liu, Yanting; Wei, Lei
2022Ultra-compact MXene fibers by continuous and controllable synergy of interfacial interactions and thermal drawing-induced stressesZhou, Tianzhu; Yu, Yangzhe; He, Bing; Wang, Zhe; Xiong, Ting; Wang, Zhixun; Liu, Yanting; Xin, Jiwu; Qi, Miao; Zhang, Haozhe; Zhou, Xuhui; Gao, Liheng; Cheng, Qunfeng; Wei, Lei