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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Analytical models for channel potential, drain current, and subthreshold swing of short-channel triple-gate FinFETsGu, Enyao; Hu, Guangxi; Xiang, Ping; Liu, Ran; Wang, Lingli; Zhou, Xing
 2013Analytical models for the electric potential, threshold voltage and drain current of long-channel junctionless double-gate transistorsDing, Zhihao; Hu, Guangxi; Liu, Ran; Wang, Lingli; Hu, Shuyan; Zhou, Xing
2014Compact model characteristics for generic MIS-HEMTsChiah, Siau Ben; Ajaykumar, Arjun; Liu, Xu; Syamal, Binit; Zhou, Hong Tao; Zhou, Xing
 2014A Compact Model for Generic MIS-HEMTs Based on the Unified 2DEG Density ExpressionZhang, Junbin; Syamal, Binit; Zhou, Xing; Arulkumaran, Subramaniam; Ng, Geok Ing
2001Design, modelling and characterisation of submicron MOSFETsLim, Khee Yong.
2017An efficient analog Hamming distance comparator realized with a unipolar memristor array: a showcase of physical computingGe, Ning; Yoon, Jung Ho; Hu, Miao; Merced-Grafals, E. J.; Davila, Noraica; Strachan, John Paul; Li, Zhiyong; Holder, Helen; Xia, Qiangfei; Williams, R. Stanley; Zhou, Xing; Yang, J. Joshua
2014Floating-body effect in partially/dynamically/fully depleted DG/SOI MOSFETs based on unified regional modeling of surface and body potentialsChiah, Siau Ben; Zhou, Xing
2004Framework design for nanometer technology development and transistor optimizationRaymond Adhi Pangestu Selomulya
 2012ICMAT 2011 : Reliability and variability of semiconductor devices and ICsAsenov, Asen; Schlichtmann, Ulf; Tan, Cher Ming; Wong, Hei; Zhou, Xing
 2017Impact of Subthreshold Carrier Statistics on the Low-Frequency Noise in MOSFETsAjaykumar, Arjun; Zhou, Xing; Chiah, Siau Beh; Syamal, Binit
2018In 0.49 Ga 0.51 P/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs) on 200 mm Si substrates : effects of base thickness, base and sub-collector doping concentrationsWang, Yue; Lee, Kwang Hong; Loke, Wan Khai; Chiah, Ben Siau; Zhou, Xing; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Tan, Chuan Seng; Fitzgerald, Eugene
1996Macromodelling of a PLL systemXue, Xiaoqing.
1997Mixed-mode analogue-digital circuit simulationTang, Tian Wen.
1999Modeling and simulation of the bias oscillator circuitMaung Ye Win.
 2017A New Interpretation for the Anomalous Channel-Length Dependence of Low-Frequency Noise in Quasi-Ballistic TransistorsAjaykumar, Arjun; Zhou, Xing; Chiah, Siau Ben
2002Predictive technology modeling for deep-submicron MOSFET designWang, Yuwen.
2003Technology prediction with semi-empirical compact modeling approachTan, William.
 2013The temperature dependent TCAD and SPICE modeling of AlGaN/GaN HEMTsYuan, Li; Wang, Weizhu; Lo, Guo-Qiang; Lee, Kean Boon; Sun, Haifeng; Selvaraj, Susai Lawrence; Zhou, Xing
2007Unified AC charge and DC current modeling for very-deep-submicron CMOS technologyChiah, Siau Ben.
 2012Unified regional approach to high temperature SOI DC/AC modelingChiah, Siau Ben; Zhou, Xing; Chen, Zuhui; Chen, Hung Ming