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2018Enlarged Co-O covalency in octahedral sites leading to highly efficient spinel oxides for oxygen evolution reactionZhou, Ye; Sun, Shengnan; Song, Jiajia; Xi, Shibo; Chen, Bo; Du, Yonghua; Fisher, Adrian C.; Cheng, Fangyi; Wang, Xin; Zhang, Hua; Xu, Zhichuan Jason
2015Ethylene glycol and ethanol oxidation on spinel ni-co oxides in alkalineXu, Zhichuan J.; Sun, Shengnan; Zhou, Ye; Hu, Benlin; Zhang, Qichun
 2014Heating-responsive shape-memory effect in thermoplastic polyurethanes with low melt-flow indexSun, Li; Huang, Wei Min; Lu, Haibao; Lim, Kok Jiak; Zhou, Ye; Wang, Tao Xi; Gao, Xiang Yang
2018Identifying influential parameters of octahedrally coordinated cations in spinel ZnMnₓCo₂–ₓO₄ oxides for the oxidation reactionWang, Ting; Sun, Yuanmiao; Zhou, Ye; Sun, Shengnan; Hu, Xiao; Dai, Yihu; Xi, Shibo; Du,Yonghua; Yang, Yanhui; Xu, Zhichuan Jason
 2020Ir-skinned Ir-Cu nanoparticles with enhanced activity for oxygen reduction reactionWang, Jiarui; Zhou, Ye; Sun, Libo; Ge, Jingjie; Wang, Jingxian; Dai, Chencheng; Xu, Zhichuan Jason
 2017Revealing the dominant chemistry for oxygen reduction reaction on small oxide nanoparticlesZhou, Ye; Xi, Shibo; Wang, Jingxian; Sun, Shengnan; Wei, Chao; Feng, Zhenxing; Du, Yonghua; Xu, Jason Zhichuan
 2019Shifting oxygen charge towards octahedral metal : a way to promote water oxidation on cobalt spinel oxidesSun, Shengnan; Sun, Yuanmiao; Zhou, Ye; Xi, Shibo; Ren, Xiao; Huang, Bicheng; Liao, Hanbin; Wang, Paul Luyuan; Du, Yonghua; Xu, Jason Zhichuan
 2017Spinel manganese ferrites for oxygen electrocatalysis : effect of Mn valency and occupation siteZhou, Ye; Du, Yonghua; Xi, Shibo; Xu, Jason Zhichuan
2018Spinel oxide for oxygen electrocatalysisZhou, Ye
 2018Superexchange effects on oxygen reduction activity of edge-sharing [CoxMn1-xO6] octahedra in spinel oxideZhou, Ye; Sun, Shengnan; Xi, Shibo; Duan, Yan; Sritharan, Thirumany; Du, Yonghua; Xu, Zhichuan Jason
 2017Tailoring the Co 3d-O 2p covalency in LaCoO3 by Fe substitution to promote oxygen evolution reactionDuan, Yan; Sun, Shengnan; Xi, Shibo; Ren, Xiao; Zhou, Ye; Zhang, Ganlu; Yang, Haitao; Du, Yonghua; Xu, Zhichuan Jason