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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Application of acoustic droplet vaporization in ultrasound therapyZhou, Yufeng
2014Application of Ultrasonic Atomization in the Three Dimensional Printing and Spray PyolysisZhou, Yufeng
2016The application of ultrasound in 3D bio-printingZhou, Yufeng
2018Cells alignment and accumulation using acoustic nozzle for 3D printingSriphutkiat, Yannapol; Kasetsirikul, Surasak; Ketpun, Dettachai; Zhou, Yufeng
2012Clot dissolution is better with ultrasound assisted thrombolysis for fresh clots with higher cholesterol contentZhou, Yufeng; Sharma, Vijay Kumar; Murugappan, Kanna Suresh; Ahmad, Aftab
2012Development of microbubbles for molecular imaging and theraphyLee, Pui Mun.
2017Effect of pulse duration and pulse repetition frequency of cavitation histotripsy on erosion at the surface of soft materialZhou, Yufeng; Wang, Xiaotong
2015Enhanced visualization of fine needles under sonographic guidance using a MEMS actuatorShen, Zhiyuan; Zhou, Yufeng; Miao, Jianmin; Vu, Kien Fong
2017Enhancement of cardiomyogenesis in murine stem cells by low-intensity ultrasoundTeo, Ailing; Morshedi, Amir; Wang, Jen-Chieh; Zhou, Yufeng; Lim, Mayasari
2017Enhancement of cardiomyogenesis in stem cells by low intensity pulsed ultrasoundTeo, Ailing; Morshedi, Amir; Wang, Jen-Chieh; Lim, Mayasari; Zhou, Yufeng
2018Formation of cell spheroids using Standing Surface Acoustic Wave (SSAW)Sriphutkiat, Yannapol; Kasetsirikul, Surasak; Zhou, Yufeng
2017High-intensity focused ultrasound ablation around the tubingSiu, Jun Yang; Liu, Chenhui; Zhou, Yufeng
2014High-intensity focused ultrasound treatment for advanced pancreatic cancerZhou, Yufeng
 2013Noninvasive treatment of breast cancer using high-intensity focused ultrasoundZhou, Yufeng
2017Numerical investigation of the inertial cavitation threshold by dual-frequency excitation in the fluid and tissueWang, Mingjun; Zhou, Yufeng
2017Particle accumulation in a microchannel and its reduction by a Standing Surface Acoustic Wave (SSAW)Sriphutkiat, Yannapol; Zhou, Yufeng
2016Particle Accumulation in Microchannel and Its Reduction by Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)Sriphutkiat, Yannapol; Zhou, Yufeng
2015Quantitative evaluation of sonophoresis efficiency and its dependence on sonication parameters and particle sizeLee, Kun Loong; Zhou, Yufeng
2017Quantitative evaluation of stone fragments in extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy using a time reversal operatorWang, Jen-Chieh; Zhou, Yufeng
2017The recent development and applications of fluidic channels by 3D printingZhou, Yufeng