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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Abiotic and biotic degradation of trace pharmaceuticals in anaerobic digesters supplemented with powdered activated carbon (PAC) (EN-60AB)Yap, Xiu En
2019Anaerobic membrane bioreactor fouling control with quorum quenching effectLek, Zhi Yu
2016Application of quorum quenching bacteria to membrane bioreactor for biofouling controlOng, Chin Ee
2017Bio-stimulation with low-intensity ultrasonicationLoh, Aron Shu Tien
2021Characterisation of proteinaceous material in selected food processing wastewaterTan, Ee Tang
2020Characterization of photobacteria from conductive biosystemSurya Maitri Wijaya
2021Chemical characterisation of selected food processing wastewaterTan, Jason Pei Sheng
2018Conductive materials stimulated direct interspecies electron transfer and application in anaerobic digestionYan, Wangwang
2022Converting sludge into a valuable product – biocharMak, Nicole Xiu Ting
2018Degradation of 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride in microbial fuel cellKhoo, Zhong Yu
2018The different role of separated liquid and solid fraction in THP sludge anaerobic digestionTeo, Beng Ngee
2017Effect of carbon sources for enhanced biological phosphate removal (EBPR) under tropical climatePoh, Ann Choon Yan
2021Effects of different treatments on dewaterability of anaerobic digested sludgeChang, Yong Wei
2020Evaluation of toluene transformation in an Extractive Membrane Bioreactor (EMBR)Loh, Aron Shu Tien
2017Evaluation of trace metal speciation and bioavailability in anaerobic systemsPham, Minh Thanh
2017Fouling Monitoring and Control in Membrane BioreactorTrisno, Elmer Augustinus
2018High efficient alternating anaerobic/aerobic process for polyester resin wastewater treatment : performance and microbial community structureSun Faqian; Hu Jian; Zhou Yan; Mei Rongwu; Wang Changzhi; He Yangyang; Wu Weixiang
2018In tandem effects of activated carbon and quorum quenching on fouling control and simultaneous removal of pharmaceutical compounds in membrane bioreactorsXiao Yeyuan; Waheed Hira; Xiao Keke; Hashmi Imran; Zhou Yan
2019Investigation of carbon capture and organic transformation mechanisms in advanced primary wastewater treatment systemTrisno, Elmer Augustinus
2016Investigation of the impact and fate of zinc oxide nano-particles on treatment performance of a membrane bioreactor systemLee, Wen Yong