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2004Fast vector quantization for image codingKyaw, Kyaw Oo.
 2011Reducing location map in prediction-based difference expansion for reversible image data embeddingLiu, Minglei; Seah, Hock Soon; Zhu, Ce; Lin, Weisi; Tian, Feng
2004Robust JPEG/JPEG-2000 image transmission with error resilient codingNyi Min Aung
2004Robust vector quantization for image transmissionHtein Lin.
 2013To exploit uncertainty masking for adaptive image renderingDong, Lu; Lin, Weisi; Deng, Chenwei; Zhu, Ce; Seah, Hock Soon
2002Vector quantization index coding using LZW algorithmYeoh, Wee Soon.
 2012Video organizaation : near-duplicate video clusteringZhu, Ce; Hung, Tzu-Yi; Yang, Gao; Tan, Yap Peng