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2017A 0.058 mm2 24 µw temperature sensor in 40 nm cmos process with ± 0.5 ◦c inaccuracy from −55 to 175 ◦cZhu, Di; Siek, Liter
2013Analysis of novel whispering gallery mode cavityZhu, Di
2014Development of new methodologies towards the synthesis of functionalized heterocyclic isoxazolidines, isoxazoles and [1,2,4] triazolesZhu, Di
2013Fano resonances in metallic grating coupled whispering gallery mode resonatorLuan, Feng; Zhou, Yanyan; Zhu, Di; Yu, Xia; Ding, Wei
 2012A fully digital green LDO regulator dedicated for biomedical implant using a power-aware binary switching techniqueKok, Chiang-Liang; Huang, Qi; Zhu, Di; Siek, Liter; Lim, Wei Meng
2016High accuracy and low power temperature sensor design in deep sub-micron CMOS processesZhu, Di
2014High accuracy time-mode duty-cycle-modulation-based temperature sensor for energy efficient system applicationsZhu, Di; Wang, Jiacheng; Siek, Liter; Kok, Chiang Liang; Qiu, Lei; Zheng, Yuanjin
2011Highly stereoselective synthesis of tetrahydro-1,2-oxazines and bicyclic isoxazolidines from nitroso benzenes and 5-alkenylaldehydesZhu, Di
2019Land cover classification with satellite optical and radar image fusionZhu, Di
 2012A novel analog-to-residue conversion scheme based on clock overlapping techniqueHuang, Qi; Zhu, Di; Siek, Liter
 2012A novel analog-to-residue converter for biomedical DSP applicationZhu, Di; Huang, Qi; Lee, Zhao Chuan; Zheng, Yuanjin; Siek, Liter
2012Radially graded index whispering gallery mode resonator for penetration enhancementZhu, Di; Zhou, Yanyan; Yu, Xia; Shum, Perry Ping; Luan, Feng
 2012Whispering gallery mode excitation and collection using fused-tapered fiber tipsZhu, Di; Zhou, Yanyan; Yu, Xia; Shum, Perry Ping; Luan, Feng
 2012Whispering gallery resonator based on index profilingLuan, Feng; Zhu, Di; Yu, Xia; Zhou, Yanyan