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2021EDLAB : a benchmark for edge deep learning acceleratorsKong, Hao; Huai, Shuo; Liu, Di; Zhang, Lei; Chen, Hui; Zhu, Shien; Li, Shiqing; Liu, Weichen; Rastogi, Manu; Subramaniam, Ravi; Athreya, Madhu; Lewis, M. Anthony
2022iMAD: an in-memory accelerator for AdderNet with efficient 8-bit addition and subtraction operationsZhu, Shien; Li, Shiqing; Liu, Weichen
2021Parallel multipath transmission for burst traffic optimization in point-to-point NoCsChen, Hui; Zhang, Zihao; Chen, Peng; Zhu, Shien; Liu, Weichen
2022TAB : unified and optimized ternary, binary and mixed-precision neural network inference on the edgeZhu, Shien; Duong, Luan H. K.; Liu, Weichen
2020XOR-Net : an efficient computation pipeline for binary neural network inference on edge devicesZhu, Shien; Duong, Luan H. K.; Liu, Weichen