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2017Bioinspired cell-derived nanovesicles versus exosomes as drug delivery systems : a cost-effective alternativeGoh, Wei Jiang; Zou, Shui; Ong, Wei Yi; Torta, Federico; Alexandra, Alvarez Fernandez; Schiffelers, Raymond M.; Storm, Gert; Wang, Jiong-Wei; Czarny, Bertrand; Pastorin, Giorgia
2017Doxorubicin-loaded cell-derived nanovesicles: an alternative targeted approach for anti-tumor therapyGoh, Wei Jiang; Lee, Choon Keong; Zou, Shui; Woon, Esther; Czarny, Bertrand; Pastorin, Giorgia
2016N6-Methyladenosine: a conformational marker that regulates the substrate specificity of human demethylases FTO and ALKBH5Zou, Shui; Toh, Joel D. W.; Wong, Kendra H. Q.; Gao, Yong-Gui; Hong, Wanjin; Woon, Esther C. Y.
 2018nCVTs : a hybrid smart tumour targeting platformGoh, Wei Jiang; Zou, Shui; Czarny, Bertrand; Pastorin, Giorgia
2017ZnO nano-rod devices for intradermal delivery and immunizationNayak, Tapas R.; Wang, Hao; Pant, Aakansha; Zheng, Minrui; Junginger, Hans; Goh, Wei Jiang; Lee, Choon Keong; Zou, Shui; Alonso, Sylvie; Czarny, Bertrand; Storm, Gert; Sow, Chorng Haur; Chengkuo, Lee; Pastorin, Giorgia