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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20102D/3D staircase detection and localizationWang, Sisong
 20203D graphic laser safety notification system for industrial human-robot cellSeet, Gerald Gim Lee; Viatcheslav, Iastrebov; Pang, W. Ching; Tjahjowidodo, Tegoeh
2019Accuracy comparision of 2D-3D point correspondence algorithms for pose estimationSrinath, Hanumantha Rao
2018Actuation design and assistive control for a soft wearable exosuitDinh, Binh Khanh
2014Adaptive control of mechanical systemsHuang, Jiangshuai
2014Adaptive control of position compensation for cable-conduit mechanisms used in flexible surgical robotsThanh Nho, Do; Tjahjowidodo, Tegoeh; Lau, Michael Wai Shing; Phee, Soo Jay
2015Analysis and control of aquatic locomotion on robotic fishPoddar, Rohit
2014Analysis and control of aquatic locomotion on robotic fishEric Purnama
2018Analysis and design of 3D-printed flexure mechanismTeo, Jeriel Zhi Jun
2010Analysis and implementation of aquatic locomotion on robotic manta raySantoso, Ade Hartawan Johan.
2018Analysis and observations from the first amazon picking challengeCorrell, Nikolaus; Bekris, Kostas E.; Berenson, Dmitry; Brock, Oliver; Causo, Albert; Hauser, Kris; Okada, Kei; Rodriguez, Alberto; Romano, Joseph M.; Wurman, Peter R.
2011Analysis of human wrist/forearm movements during activities of daily living (ADL) : anatomically correct model for 6dof (position/orientation) sensorsChan, Daniel Bin Yang.
2018Analysis of kinematic and muscular synergies as assessment tools during rehabilitative robotic trainingBudhota, Aamani
2015Anthropomorphic robotic waistPasha Laksamana Putra
2016The application of augmented reality to enhancing man machine systemsTay, Zijing
2017Augmented reality interface for taping robotDinh, Huy; Yuan, Quilong; Viatcheslav, Iastrebov; Seet, Gerald
2015An automated dialogue management system for a museum robotic guideYu, Eugene GuangQian
2015Automatic docking and charging station for a mobile robot platformLim, Shaune Ji Zheng
2010Automatic vision-guided robotic cell micromanipulation systemZhang, Yanliang
2016Autonomous animation of humanoid robotsTay, Junyun