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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2011Active focal length control of terahertz slitted plane lenses by magnetoplasmonsHu, Bin; Wang, Qi Jie; Kok, Shaw Wei; Zhang, Ying
2013Advanced CMOS technologies (high-k/metal gate stacks) for sub-22nm nodeWu, Ling
2014Advanced oxide based resistive random access memories (RRAMs) : switching mechanisms and material solutionsWang, Zhongrui
2014Advanced wafer bonding for substrate engineering and 3D IC integrationChong, Gang Yih
2014Amorphous indium gallium zinc oxide thin film transistor and memory device for future device applicationsLiu, Pan
2013Antenna-enhanced and polarization sensitive photoresponse in arrays of silicon P–i–N nanowiresSalfi, J.; Lin, F. K.; Stewart, C.; Nair, S. V.; Chen, C. Y.; Yongshun, S.; Rusli, E.; Yu, M.; Singh, N.; Sousa, C. F. d.; Ruda, H. E.
2014BiVO4-based nanoparticles for visible light photocatalytic applicationsHan, Mandi
2009Carbon nanotube field-effect transistors and gaseous interactionsPeng, Ning
2018Carbon-based materials for thermal management applicationsKong, Qinyu
2013Carbon-doped Tio2: synthesis, characterization and visible light photocatalytic activities for environmental remediationZhang, Li
2009Characterization of carbon nanotube field effect transistors in vacuumSun, Huiyan.
2009Characterization of GaN-based semiconductor materials for device applicationsNg, Yao Heng.
2017Characterization of nanoscale conducting filament in high-k oxides by scanning tunneling microscopy and conductive atomic force microscopyZhou, Yu
 2004Characterization of the junction leakage of Ti-capped Ni-silicided junctionsLee, Pooi See; Pey, Kin Leong; Toledo, N. G.
2009Characterization study of multifunctional thin films and electronic devicesZheng, Ling.
 2012Converse flexoelectric effect in comb electrode piezoelectric microbeamShen, Zhiyuan; Chen, Wei
2016Copper micro and nano particles mixture for 3D interconnection applicationDai, Yuan-Yuan
2012Current-starved voltage controlled oscillatorZhang, Shuwang
2012Defect engineering coupled with pulsed laser annealing for p+/n junction formation and pMOSFETs device enhancementTan, Dexter Xueming.
2018Design and fabrication of micro-coils for NMR micro probesZishan Ali Syed Mohammed