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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A 20 GHz planar helix circularly polarized antennaToh, Yu Xiang
2020Antenna sizing and testing of SCOOBI nano-satelliteZahier Afiq Zainal Abidin
2019Application of planar helix slow-wave structure in backward-wave oscillatorsMookkannoor Muraleedharan Nair Ajith Kumar
2014Application of shape memory alloy ( SMA ) in radiant - actuated solar panels' deploy mechanism of nano - satelliteTan, Di Yang
2014Attitude control system of a satelliteTan, Chin Sian
2017Attitude determination system of nano-satelliteChia, Jiun Wei
2015Autonomous system clock frequency controller for pico- and nano- satellitesIan Kamajaya
2019CanSat for high altitude mission IITee, Wen Jie
2016CanSat outreach for post-secondary school studentsSoh, Alan Jun Yuan
2014CanSat, satellite in a soda canKoh, Jian Cheng
2015CanSat, satellite in a soda canParusa, Jadug Norach Agna
2020Centre of mass and moment of inertia test bedCampbell, Andrew Scott
2015Design and development of a CanSat for high altitude missions with "Comeback" capabilityChan, Alvin Bai Xian
2015Design and development of a cost effective CanSatTeo, Zhi Hui
2020Design and development of a portable satellite tracking ground station. Part 1 : antenna and tracking mechanismMuhammad Fariq Mohd Isa
2014Design and development of a smart picosatelliteTay, Willie Shao Liang
2016Design and development of a smartphone based picosatellite (VELOX-PIV) communication and sensor systemTan, Ronney Kian Ming
2016Design and development of a smartphone based picosatellite : on board computer systemA Saravanan
2016Design and development of a smartphone based picosatellite : power management systemKoh, Yong Jing
2016Design and development of cost effective CanSatTengourtius, Agustinus Wellson