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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022AI radar (object classification using deep learning)Li, Jianhui
2018Assessment of the impact of FORMOSAT‐7/COSMIC‐2 GNSS RO observations on midlatitude and low‐latitude ionosphere specification : observing system simulation experiments using ensemble square root filterHsu, C.-T.; Matsuo, T.; Yue, X.; Fuller-Rowell, T.; Ide, K.; Liu, J.-Y.; Fang, Tzu-Wei
2015Autonomous system clock frequency controller for pico- and nano- satellitesIan Kamajaya
2021Characterization of sensors and hardware in loop testing of attitude determination algorithms on embedded systemGoh, Yen Yee
2022Deployable S-band Antenna for CubeSatsLau, Elizabeth Mary Jia En
2023Design and development of space deployable systemYeo, Elwin Wei Sheng
2022Design and implementation of embedded software-defined radio for satellitesWong, Isaac Kang Zhong
2021Designing with phase change materials for satellite thermal managementLi, Wen Hao
2021Development of a high-gain deployable S-band antenna for small satellite data transmissionZhao, Manli
2021Development of a robotic arm-based deorbiter CubeSat to capture co-operative space debris in LEOLaveneishyan, B Mogan
2022Development of an active thermal control architecture for a closed fluid loop systemNguyen, Phuc Truong
2016Development of an advanced nano-satellite (VELOX-IV)-attitude control systemYap, Kelvin Wei Quan
2013Development of an advanced nano-satellite VELOX-I - Study of high dynamic range CMOS image sensor and pixel designHo, Evan Wei Li.
2021Development of an attitude control system for the SCOOB-II satelliteKostrzewa, Mateusz
2017An efficient momentum dumping method for near equatorial orbit satellitesTissera, Mihindukulasooriya Sheral Crescent
2021Efficient navigation using GNSS-inertial navigation systemsGoh, Dione Wan Yun
2021GNSS TEC-based detection and analysis of acoustic-gravity waves from the 2012 Sumatra double earthquake sequenceSrivastava, Sarthak; Chandran, Amal; Manta, Fabio; Taisne, Benoit
2021A household friendly solar system 2Tan, Chun Huat
2021Integration and testing of mobile ground station for satellite communicationLee, Wei Fan
2021Integration and testing of satellite solar panel with COTS batteryGan, Wei Wei