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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Abstract : mapping streaming applications onto GPU systemsHuynh, Huynh Phung.; Wong, Weng-Fai.; Ray, A.; Goh, Rick Siow Mong.; Hagiescu, Andrei.
2016Acoustic signal feature extractions on single Android deviceTan, Lindsey Sze Min
2018Adaptive resource optimization of three-tier web applications running on the cloudBorhani, Amir Hossein
2010Agent simulation of crowd behaviorSeow, Wei Quien.
2012Agent-based crowd simulation - PDCCTan, Lucinda Yan Ping.
2020Agent-based modelling framework for evacuation planningAhmad Mustaqim Jumat
2012Agent-based simulation : canteenAng, Yew Kian
2011Agent‐based pandemic simulationSingh, Armav.
2014Aggregating and analyzing Indian political tweetsChirag Ruhela
2009Aggregation and disaggregation issues in distributed simulationChua, Benjamin Yuan Wei.
2014Analysing the simultaneous effects of personalities, demographics, competition and collaboration : a case study with Indian politicsLai, Alvin Weijian
2017Analysis and mitigation of information exposure on interest management in massively multiplayer online gamesHao, Jianan
2015Analysis of mood using videoSeanglidet, Yean
2015Analyze sensitive information transmission with symbolic execution for AndroidZhuo, Mingde
2014Android apps of RFID tracking systemPoh, Jonathan Wei Chuan
2013Android smart phone based indoor/outdoor detector with participatory sensingEricko
2014Android smart phone based participatory sensingNg, Yoon Chun
2013Android smart phone based participatory sensingZeng, Huiying
2015Android smart phone based participatory sensingGoh, Yee Ting
2015Android smart phone based participatory sensingTeo, Kok Hien