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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Analysis of redundancy techniques for electronics design—case study of digital image processingBalasubramanian, Padmanabhan 
2021An approximate adder with a near-normal error distribution : design, error analysis and practical applicationBalasubramanian, Padmanabhan; Nayar, Raunaq; Maskell, Douglas L.; Mastorakis, Nikos E.
2021Approximate array multipliersBalasubramanian, Padmanabhan; Nayar, Raunaq; Maskell, Douglas Leslie
2020Asynchronous early output majority voter and a relative-timed asynchronous TMR implementationBalasubramanian, Padmanabhan; Maskell, Douglas Leslie; Mastorakis, Nikos E.
2022Autonomous navigation systemLai, Ming Hui
2021CAP : Context-aware Pruning for semantic segmentationHe, Wei; Wu, Meiqing; Liang, Mingfu; Lam, Siew-Kei 
2018Circuit and system design for optimal lightweight AES encryption on FPGAWong, Ming Ming; Wong, Dennis M. L.; Zhang, Cishen; Hijazin, Ismat
2021Classical and physical security of symmetric key cryptographic algorithmsBaksi, Anubhab
2021Context-aware pedestrian motion predictionHaddad, Sirin
2021Deep learning approaches for object co-segmentation and one-shot segmentationLi, Guankai
2022Design and analysis of task models for mixed-criticality systems with practical considerationsSundar, Vijaya Kumar
2022Digital image blending by inexact multiplicationBalasubramanian, Padmanabhan ; Nayar, Raunaq; Min, Okkar; Maskell, Douglas L.
2023FAC: a fault-tolerant design approach based on approximate computingBalasubramanian, Padmanabhan ; Maskell, Douglas Leslie
2021Fast and accurate vision-based pedestrian detectionZhou, Chengju
2022Fast and robust visual SLAM for dynamic environmentsSingh Gaurav
2023A fault-tolerant design strategy utilizing approximate computingBalasubramanian, Padmanabhan ; Maskell, Douglas L.
2021FPGA acceleration of continual learning at the edgePiyasena Gane Pathirannahelage Duvindu
2021Gate-level static approximate adders : a comparative analysisBalasubramanian, Padmanabhan; Nayar, Raunaq; Maskell, Douglas Leslie
2022High-speed and energy-efficient carry look-ahead adderBalasubramanian, Padmanabhan ; Mastorakis, Nikos E.
2019Lowering dynamic power of a stream-based CNN hardware acceleratorPiyasena, Duvindu; Wickramasinghe, Rukshan; Paul, Debdeep; Lam, Siew-Kei; Wu, Meiqing