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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Advanced hawkes processes for practical event sequence analysis : models and accelerationsLi, Tianbo
2021Adversarial robustness of deep reinforcement learningQu, Xinghua
2021AI for healthcareNeo, Nicholas Shun Xian
2021Applying interpolation-constrained autoencoders to world models approach reinforcement learningKevin Winata
2023Attention mechanism optimization for sub-symbolic-based and neural-symbolic-based natural language processingNi, Jinjie
2020Autonomous learning machine for online big data analyticsAtluri Sai Mona
2023Commitment and coordination in boundedly rational interactionsCerny, Jakub
2021Develop a game to improve a person’s cognitive states using a brain computer interfaceLin HuangJiayin
2023Early goal-detection for black-box environment poisoning attacksIyengar, Varun Srikant
2017Eeg cortical connectivity analysis of working memory reveals topological reorganization in theta and alpha bandsDai, Zhongxiang; de Souza, Joshua; Lim, Julian; Ho, Paul M.; Chen, Yu; Li, Junhua; Thakor, Nitish; Bezerianos, Anastasios; Sun, Yu
2023Environment poisoning in reinforcement learning: attacks and resilienceXu, Hang
2023From knowledge augmentation to multi-tasking: towards human-like dialogue systemsYang, Tianji
2021Gauging online and offline public opinion for social media monitoringSatapathy, Ranjan
2021Generating adversarial examples with only one imageLuo, Jinqi
2021Meta-learning for deep reinforcement learningPoon, Jun Yaw
 2021Mitigating performance saturation in neural marked point processes : architectures and loss functionsLi, Tianbo; Luo, Tianze; Ke, Yiping; Pan, Sinno Jialin
2022Personality recognition from text based on the MBTI modelChew, Andrel Kit Waye
2021‘The six pac-men' : exploring the strength of advice provision and the impact of an adversarial advisor in reinforcement learningArun, Rakshitha
 2022Soft labeling constraint for generalizing from sentiments in single domainRoy, Abhinaba; Cambria, Erik
2021Study of mental state recognition using physiological signals in virtual environmentBilgin, Pinar