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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20233D printed piezoelectric energy harvestersZhou, Xinran
 20193D printing of a thermo- and solvatochromic composite material based on a Cu(II)–thymine coordination polymer with moisture sensing capabilitiesMaldonado, Noelia; Vegas, Verónica G.; Halevi, Oded; Martínez, Jose Ignacio; Lee, Pooi See; Magdassi, Shlomo; Wharmby, Michael T.; Platero-Prats, Ana E.; Moreno, Consuelo; Zamora, Félix; Amo-Ochoa, Pilar
20223D-printed optoelectronic tactile sensor for soft robotic applicationsChen, Qing An
2023Atomic layer deposition of molybdenum sulfide for piezoelectric applicationAdnan Faishal Taufiq
2018A comparative study of two microscopic road traffic simulatorsNg, Zi Peng
 2019A flexible microwave shield with tunable frequency-transmission and electromagnetic compatibilityLv, Hualiang; Yang, Zhihong; Ong, Samuel Jun Hoong; Wei, Chao; Liao, Hanbin; Xi, Shibo; Du, Yonghua; Ji, Guangbin; Xu, Jason Zhichuan
2021Gold nanomaterials as plasmonic layers to enhance power conversion efficiency of perovskite solar cellChia, Keith Hwa Kiat
2022HiPIMS deposition of VO2 thermochromic coating for enhanced optical propertiesVu, Tuan Duc
2016Impact of carbon tax on energy generation transitioning technologyLau, Benjin En Cheng
 2020Making waves : wastewater surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 for population-based health managementThompson, Janelle R. ; Nancharaiah, Yarlagadda V.; Gu, Xiaoqiong; Lee, Wei Lin; Rajal, Verónica Beatriz; Haines, Monamie Bhadra; Girones, Rosina; Ng, Lee Ching; Alm, Eric J.; Wuertz, Stefan
2023Methanol electrochemical refinery towards formateMeng, Fanxu
2022Nitrogen-decorated carbon dots (NCDs) for thermally conductive smart windowsTan, Frankie Ting Feng
2022Novel CGS hole transport layer for perovskite solar cellsDarmawan, Michael Putra
 2021Oriented structure of short fiber reinforced polymer composites processed by selective laser sintering : the role of powder-spreading processChen, Hui; Zhu, Wei; Tang, Haibin; Yan, Wentao
2023Self-cleaning coating for soft grippersXia, Qi Lin
2020Silver and potassium incorporation in double-layer solution-processed Cu2ZnSnS4 solar cellIbrahim, Ahmad; Guchhait, Asim; Hadke, Shreyash; Seng, Hwee Leng; Wong, Lydia Helena
2021Thermal switch material for modulation of conducted heat in smart windowsHaw, Chee Yeng
2022Transition metal oxides for battery applicationsHuang, Bicheng
 2023Ultrafast, high-strain, and strong uniaxial hydrogel actuators from recyclable nanofibril networksBenselfelt, Tobias; Rothemund, Philipp; Lee, Pooi See
 2021Wetting-regulated gas-involving (photo)electrocatalysis: biomimetics in energy conversionLiu, Guanyu; Wong, William S. Y.; Kraft, Markus; Ager, Joel W.; Vollmer, Doris; Xu, Rong