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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Deep reinforcement learning for time allocation and directional transmission in joint radar-communicationLee, Joash; Cheng, Yanyu; Niyato, Dusit; Guan, Yong Liang; Gonzalez, David G.
2023Driver action recognition using artificial intelligenceLee, Philip Hann Yung
2023Electrochemical DNA-nano biosensor for the detection of cervical cancer-causing HPV-16 using ultrasmall Fe₃O₄-Au core-shell nanoparticlesRasouli, Elisa; Basirun, Wan Jefrey; Johan, Mohd Rafie; Rezayi, Majid; Mahmoudian, Mohammad Reza; Poenar, Daniel Puiu
2022Emerging tunable window technologies for active transparency tuningShrestha, Milan; Lau, G. K.; Bastola, A. K.; Lu, Z.; Asundi, A.; Teo, Edwin Hang Tong
2021Error-correcting output codes with ensemble diversity for robust learning in neural networksSong, Yang; Kang, Qiyu; Tay, Wee Peng
2022Face spoofing detectionSiew, Frans Yan Shen
 2022How much noise suffices for privacy of multi-agent systems?Zhang, Wentao; Zuo, Zhiqiang; Wang, Yijing; Hu, Guoqiang
 2023A jump-gain integral recurrent neural network for solving noise-disturbed time-variant nonlinear inequality problemsZhang, Zhijun; Song, Yating; Zheng, Lunan; Luo, Yamei
2021Learning to schedule joint radar-communication requests for optimal information freshnessLee, Joash; Niyato, Dusit; Guan, Yong Liang; Kim, Dong In
2022A novel design of flag sequences for low-complexity delay-doppler estimationMeng, Lingsheng; Guan, Yong Liang; Ge, Yao; Liu, Zilong
 2023OTFS signaling for SCMA with coordinated multi-point vehicle communicationsGe, Yao; Deng, Qinwen; David Gonzalez, G.; Guan, Yong Liang; Ding, Zhi
2023Performance evaluation and profiling of employeesTeh, Marcus Ming Sheng
 2023RobustLoc: robust camera pose regression in challenging driving environmentsWang, Sijie; Kang, Qiyu; She, Rui; Tay, Wee Peng; Hartmannsgruber, Andreas; Navarro, Diego Navarro
2021Stable neural ODE with Lyapunov-stable equilibrium points for defending against adversarial attacksKang, Qiyu; Song, Yang ; Ding, Qinxu ; Tay, Wee Peng