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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20151 MDB crisis and political funding : whither Malaysian politics?Yang, Razali Kassim
20181.5°C Too Soon : More Must Be DoneSembiring, Margareth
200211 September and China : opportunities, challenges, and warfightingLi, Nan.
201313th Malaysian elections : evolving landscape of Malaysian politicsMohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
201313th Malaysian general election : prospects and challenges for PASFarish A. Noor
2007The 17th CCP Congress : the issue of successionLi, Mingjiang
2007The 17th CPC congress : the transition that the world missedLi, Mingjiang
 2017The 1976 Bali Summit: ASEAN shifts gearsDesker, Barry
2020The 1979 Sino-Vietnamese war and Deng Xiaoping's ChinaTan, Kirk Benjamin
2007The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis: Ten Years OnTang, Shiping
2011The 19th ASEAN Summit : tackling floods, food and stabilityYang Razali Kassim
2012The 1Malaysia project : uniting and dividing at the same timeFarish A. Noor
20151MDB and Consolidation of Power: Challenges to the Najib-led GovernmentSaleena Saleem; Han, David Guo Xiong
202120 years of JI : role of govt-community partnershipMohamed Ali
20092002 Gujarat : a laboratory of institutionalized riotsVinay Kumar Pathak
2006The 2006 quadrennial defence review: implications for Asian securityLoo, Bernard
20102010 US quadrennial defence review : implications for Southeast AsiaLong, Joey S. R.
2012The 2012 Bangsamoro framework agreement : lessons learned?Franco, Joseph Raymond S.
2012The 2012 U.S. Presidential race : impact on US policy on China and Southeast AsiaFreise, Christopher
2015The 2015 Muhammadiyah Muktamar: Narrow Win for ModeratesAlexander, R. Arifianto