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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20091-D settlement characteristics of compacted residual soilsLu, Yitan.
20091-D settlement characteristics of unsaturated soilsLi, Bing.
 2012A 1D equivalent medium method for wave propagation across parallel jointed rock massMa, Guowei; Li, H. B.; Zhao, J.; Li, J. C.
20141D-2D flood modelling using PCSWMMLim, Yin Shuen
 20121DH Boussinesq modeling of wave transformation over fringing reefsYao, Yu; Huang, Zhenhua; Lo, Edmond Yat-Man; Monismith, Stephen G.
20132013 Container market outlook : Part 3 strategic competition and 2013 container market outlookJin, Jia
20022D cracks analysis with symmetric Galerkin boundary element methodXu, Kai
 20222D CuBDC and IRMOF-1 as reverse osmosis membranes for seawater desalination: a molecular dynamics studyHong, Terence Zhi Xiang; Kieu, Hieu Trung; You, Liming; Zheng, Han; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung; Zhou, Kun
20132D flood modeling using PCSWMMArti Dhananjay Gulwadi.
20192D Jet scourLim, Yet Hun
20123-D analysis of one-strut failure in braced excavationTan, Pei Qi.
20093D cadastre in SingaporeYip, Manson Ming Shun.
 20193D characterization of microbially induced carbonate precipitation in rock fracture and the resulted permeability reductionWu, Chuangzhou; Chu, Jian; Wu, Shifan; Hong, Yi
20233D concrete printing with self-healing functionFeng, Yuanzhe
20223D confined jet scour at a wallChee, Wei Hong
20183D finite element analysis of braced excavationTan, Chong Beng
20193D finite element analysis of the effects of deep excavation on adjacent pilesHao, Chenghao
20183D jet and culvert scourTan, Sheau Maan
20203D jet scour at a wallChow, Stephen Guang Wei
20103D modelling using digital cameraYap, Zhan Wei.