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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A 0-1 MINLP approach for solving the air cargo loading problemLi, Liqun
20112-D Micro rolling car activated by shape memory alloyCheah, Wei Shin.
20122-D micro rolling car activated by shape memory alloyZhang, Yujie.
20192-dimensional stress field prediction using deep learningYeo, Roselyn Yan Ling
2016The 2016 thermal spray roadmapVardelle, Armelle; Moreau, Christian; Akedo, Jun; Ashrafizadeh, Hossein; Berndt, Christopher C.; Berghaus, Jörg Oberste; Boulos, Maher; Brogan, Jeffrey; Bourtsalas, Athanasios C.; Dolatabadi, Ali; Dorfman, Mitchell; Eden, Timothy J.; Fauchais, Pierre; Fisher, Gary; Gaertner, Frank; Gindrat, Malko; Henne, Rudolf; Hyland, Margaret; Irissou, Eric; Jordan, Eric H.; Khor, Khiam Aik; Killinger, Andreas; Lau, Yuk-Chiu; Li, Chang-Jiu; Li, Li; Longtin, Jon; Markocsan, Nicolaie; Masset, Patrick J.; Matejicek, Jiri; Mauer, Georg; McDonald, André; Mostaghimi, Javad; Sampath, Sanjay; Schiller, Günter; Shinoda, Kentaro; Smith, Mark F.; Syed, Asif Ansar; Themelis, Nickolas J.; Toma, Filofteia-Laura; Trelles, Juan Pablo; Vassen, Robert; Vuoristo, Petri
 20222D CuBDC and IRMOF-1 as reverse osmosis membranes for seawater desalination: a molecular dynamics studyHong, Terence Zhi Xiang; Kieu, Hieu Trung; You, Liming; Zheng, Han; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung; Zhou, Kun
20162D nonlinear hydrodynamic model for support platforms of offshore floating wind turbinesWang, Lixian
 20222d pentagonal Pd-based Janus transition metal dichalcogenides for photocatalytic water splittingYou, Liming; Wang, Yu; Zhou, Kun
20112D to 3D conversionLi, Ning.
20232D transient and heat transfer analysis of a coupled vane compressorNg, Dillon Kai Heng
20212D transient parametric and heat transfer analysis of a coupled vane compressorKoh, Daniel Han Wen
20193-D direct printing of silicone meniscus using a novel heat-curing extrusion based silicone printerLuis Adiwati, Guntur Eric
20173-D fatigue crack study in offshore pipelinesSoh, Wei Jian
20183-D fatigue crack study in the railChen, Xiaoyong
20103-D Formulation of Formation Flight Based on Model Predictive Control with Collision Avoidance SchemeZhao, Weihua.; Go, Tiauw Hiong.
 20133-D localization of human based on an inertial capture systemYuan, Qilong; Chen, I-Ming
20233-D printing (additive manufacturing) of one metal material on another dissimilar base materialZhang, Qian
20213-D printing of a metal material on another dissimilar metal baseZhou, Xiaoyue
20123-D rolling car driven by shape memory alloyOng, Wei Ming.
20023-dimensional crack-inhomogeneity interaction : study of effect on stress intensity factor at crack tip due to presence of inclusionsNandakumar B. Nair