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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200210 task retail service process : a model of customer service excellenceLow, Brendan Shun Wei; Tey, Jack Kie; Siregar Sherwin Parulian Tien
2017$100 a month or $1,200 a year : regulatory focus and the evaluation of temporally framed product attributesBasu, Shankha
1999The 1997 Asian currency crisisCheok, Mei Fang; Lai, Hung Yin; Lee, Han Hwee
20011997-2000 年河北省农民收入增长趋缓的相关因素分析 = An analysis on factors of farmers' income in Hebei during 1997-2000毛宇山 Mao, Yushan
19991998 third annual survey on the risk management practices of unit trusts in Singapore.Koh, Mei Yin.; Tan, Kenneth Toon Ming.; Yong, Khang Hou.
20001999 annual survey of the risk management practices of the unit trusts in Singapore.Lim, Su Fei.; Lim, Wee Kiat.; Yeo, Patrick Boon Ping.
20001999 study on the profile of individual investors in Singapore.Chiang, Jen Yuan.; Chong, Hwee Ling.; Hon, Sze Yee.
2002The 2000 dotcom crash and the lessons for Singapore dotcoms.Goh, Cheow Khoon.; Tan, Boon Ping.; Teng, Siew King.
20072006 competitiveness rankings of ASEAN-10, 31 mainland China and 79 Asian economies.Suo, Yu Xiang.; Lee, Joseph Chia Tat.; Chong, Wei Han.
20072006 revised competitiveness ranking of Indian states and union territories with relative competitive indices of 66 economies of China and India.Lee, Kin Fai.; Cher, Hui Ling.; Zhou, Mark You Chuan.
20082007 revised competitveness ranking of Indian States and Union territories with relative competitiveness indices of 66 economies of China and IndiaLee, Szu Yung; Pham, Ai Minh Ha; Vu, Minh Huong
2013The 2008 global financial crisis : effects of firm characteristics on the performance of Singapore companies.Moo, Ni Ko.; Tay, Xi Wen.; Lui, Vanessa Pei Qi.
20102009 competitiveness rankings of 31 Mainland China, 34 Greater China, 66 China-India and 79 Asian economies.Huang, Pei Si.; Koh, Delphine Yu Ping.; Yeo, Jing Wei.
20102009 competitiveness rankings of ASEAN-10 and 79 Asian economies.Ho, Yew Kuan.; Huang, Huiying.; Wong, Andy Jing Hon.
20102009 revised economic competitiveness of 35 Indian states and union territories with relative competitiveness indices of ASEAN China and India economies.Chia, Kian Yin.; Goh, Wan Ling.; Ong, Ghim Gin.
2012The 2011 proposed revisions to the code of corporate governance, 2005 : impacts and implicationsLe, Nhi Nuong; Hafidh Zulkarnaen; Chan, Caroline Jia Li
20192019 emerging markets rankings report : feeling the pulse of an investor​Gopalan, Sasidaran; Park, Seung Ho
199721st century theme parkWan, Siew Wai; Tan, Joai Ching; Lim, Chee Wee
2009$500 credit card : a win-win situation for Singaporean undergraduates & banks? : an experimental studyLai, Winnie Lihui; Low, Ru Yan; Phua, Jiun Hoe
 2018The 52-week high, q-theory, and the cross section of stock returnsGeorge, Thomas J.; Hwang, Chuan-Yang; Li, Yuan