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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
199716 to 18 year old students' errors and misconceptions in learning probabilityChan, Wai Soen.
 20163D porous hierarchical nickel–molybdenum nitrides synthesized by RF plasma as highly active and stable hydrogen-evolution-reaction electrocatalystsZhang, Yongqi; Ouyang, Bo; Xu, Jing; Chen, Shi; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh; Fan, Hong Jin
20184 - week alternate : day fasting in young overweight / obese males on body composition & health indicesSim, Da Wei
1996Achievement of gifted adolescents in Singapore : the effects of perception, creative-thinking ability and an intervention programme "knowledge/volition/action"Teo, Chua Tee.
1999Achievement outcomes and affective outcomes of co-operative learning and traditional learning approaches on a group of junior college boys studying economicsVenkatram Indra
1998The acquisition of English and Mandarin by a Singaporean child in a trilingual homeTeo, Jennifer Lay Heong.
2002Action research on E-learning in a Singapore secondary schoolChan, Yin Lai.
2018Acute effect of foam rolling on rate of force development in the vertical jumpWee, Jericho Faliang
1997Adaptation of Western counselling approaches to an Asian multicultural contextSoong, Cecilia Foong Har.
2017Adapting the tennis split step to improve agility performance in a softball fielding taskSeet, Cheng Howe
 2023Adaptive capacity of high- and low dyke farmers to hydrological changes in the Vietnamese Mekong deltaHoang, Long Phi; Pot, Miriam; Tran, Dung Duc; Ho, Loc Huu; Park, Edward
2010Adolescents with autism spectrum disorders attending special schools in Singapore : functional skills, behavioural challenges, and parental aspirationsPoon, Kenneth Kin Loong.
1999Adolescents' classroom perceptions and their impact on motivationLow, Geraldine Ching Voon.
2000Adolescents' perceptions of parenting stylesDevi, Lathika
2002Adolescents' self-esteem and NCC performanceTan, Guek Quee.
2002After school activities, social skills and computer addiction among adolescent boys in SingaporeKoe, Heong Yin.
2019Aharonov-Bohm effect in mesoscopic Bose-Einstein condensatesHaug, Tobias; Heimonen, Hermanni; Dumke, Rainer; Kwek, Leong-Chuan; Amico, Luigi
 2012Alteration of Mn exchange coupling by oxygen interstitials in ZnO:Mn thin filmsIlyas, Usman; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh; Wang, Y.; Tan, T. L.; Lee, P.; Chen, P.; Sun, Handong; Li, Fengji; Zhang, Sam
2019Analysis of brand recall in FIFA video gamesSeet, Xi Ning
2019An analysis of Instagram as a promotional tool for formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2018Yeo, Teck Li