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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20221949 年以前中国儿童文学观发展变化之童话实践研究 = Study on the literary practice of China's fairy tales with the development of China's children literature view before 1949s郑颖欢 Tee, Ying Huan
20211980 年代中国抒情小说研究 = A study on Chinese lyrical fictions in Mainland China in the 1980s李云飞 = Li, Yunfei
20212019 新型冠状病毒病作为 "黄祸论" 的延续 :以世界卫生组织、 美国、中国与新加坡作为研究对象 = Covid-19 as a continuation of the “Yellow Peril Theory” in the context of World Health Organisation, United States of America, China and Singapore王悦琦 Ong, Sophia Geok Kee
202021世纪中国电影英雄的塑造 = The making of a 21st century China film hero佘曜丞 Seah, Walter Yao Chen
 2022510 not found: the reterritorialization of Sino-Southeast Asian relations in the Chinese hinterlandZhou, Taomo
2017The absurd, exile and the beginning of ethicsYong, Ade Wernmei
2021Accent and prejudiceTay, Athalie Yan Xin
2018Accented style : on Namewee’s Sinophone Malaysian film and rap songsHee, Wai-Siam 
2023Accessibility and transcreation in museum translations: a case study of National Gallery SingaporeAng, Jocelyn Peixun
2021Accessing problems in predictive policing in the USLim, Xinhui
2015Accommodating autistics and treating autism : can we have both?Lim, Chong-Ming
2023Accommodating the plural nature of disadvantage in Rawls' framework of justice as fairnessTan, Stefanie Kai Ying
2021An account of spontaneity in the ZhuangziNord-Bronzyk, Alexa
2023Achieving stylistic equivalence through explicitation in translation: a comparative analysis of three Chinese versions of The Happy PrinceYan, Renjing
2019Acquisition of Thai as a foreign language through watching subtitled drama seriesHing, Ting Fang
2022Across the conceptual divide? Chinese migration policies seen through historical and comparative lensesvan Dongen, Els
2019Action formation with janwai in Cantonese Chinese conversationLiesenfeld, Andreas Maria
 2018Actualism doesn’t have control issues : a reply to Cohen and TimmermanForcehimes, Andrew T.; Semrau, Luke
2021Actualism without actionsRelador, Jean Aldrin Concepcion
2020Adopting a sustainable approach in fast fashion corporations using the Rawlsian social contract theoryToh, Qian Hui