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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009C/S based rule management system to support business intelligenceLim, Shin Huey.
2022Cable health degradation I, cable insulation resistance test (IR)Yeo, Kwee Kiat
2022Cable health degradation IIChua, Abraham Han Ho
2022Cable health degradation III - water tree effect on cables insulationHtet Thinzar Tun
2022Cable health degradation IVChing, Chee Yong
2022Cable health degradation V: cable health degradation monitoring & analysis using insulation resistanceLoh, Shu Zhen
2022Cable insulation health VIWu, Jolene Shi Yan
2002Cache allocation and caching policy for active reliable multicastLok, Kek Wee.
2000CAD software package for noise reduction in MCM layout designKhoo, Nai Chuan.
1992CAD/CAM system for sheet metal drawing using flexible toolsGan, Jacob Gah Kok; Sinnathamby Thiruvarudchelvan; Loh, Ngiap Hiang
 2019CaIn2S4 decorated WS2 hybrid for efficient Cr(VI) reductionLiu, Baibai; Liu, Xinjuan; Li, Lei; Zhuge, Zhihao; Li, Yiqi; Li, Can; Gong, Yinyan; Niu, Lengyuan; Xu, Shiqing; Sun, Chang Qing
2023Calculation & simulation of electric-based fractionation methods for separation of airborne particlesLee, Jun Hong
2021Calculation & simulation of fractionation-based separation methods for airborne particlesPoh, Shao Yi
2022Calculation of S-parameters for network cascading and deembeddingHuang, Jiahan
2013Calculation of the diffraction efficiency on concave gratings based on Fresnel–Kirchhoff’s diffraction formulaHuang, Yuanshen; Li, Ting; Xu, Banglian; Hong, Ruijin; Tao, Chunxian; Ling, Jinzhong; Li, Baicheng; Zhang, Dawei; Ni, Zhengji; Zhuang, Songlin
2010Calculation of the distribution of potential and electric field stress in power apparatusesChew, Alan Jing Xi.
2004Calibration methodology for predictive simulation of sub-0.13 technology CMOS device's performanceLeong, Vincent Kum Woh.
2014Calibration of ASIC for pressure sensorsQin, Tianhe
2022Calibration of LiDARs with object detection methodGao, Jingtong
 2018A calibration-free/DEM-free 8-bit 2.4-GS/s single-core digital-to-analog converter with a distributed biasing schemeJuanda; Shu, Wei; Chang, Joseph Sylvester