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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999H [infinity] controller synthesis for sampled-data systems and nonlinear systemsYu, Qi.
2019(H, Li)Cl and LiOH hydration : surface tension, solution conductivity and viscosity, and exothermic dynamicsSun, Chang Qing; Yao, Chuang; Sun, Yi; Liu, Xinjuan; Fang, Hengxin; Huang, Yongli
2003H2 and H(infinity) optimal design of multirate filter bank systemsZhou, Huan.
1999H8 filtering and control of 2-D systemsDu, Chunling
2006Halftoning band gap of InAs/InP quantum dots using inductively coupled argon plasma-enhanced intermixingXu, C. D.; Mei, Ting; Nie, Dong; Dong, Jian Rong
2022Halide perovskite-based indoor photovoltaics: recent development and challengesBening Tirta Muhammad; Kar, Shaoni; Stephen, Meera; Leong, Wei Lin
2019A hamming distance and spearman correlation based star identification algorithmSamirbhai, Mehta Deval; Chen, Shoushun; Low, Kay Soon
2010Hand detection image processing for a rescuing robotHow, Adrian Wei Liong.
2013Hand gesture-based gaming with kinect sensorChuah, Franklin Shang Yu.
2018Hand PointNet : 3D hand pose estimation using point setsGe, Liuhao; Cai, Yujun; Weng, Junwu; Yuan, Junsong
 2012Hand pose estimation by combining fingertip tracking and articulated ICPLiang, Hui; Yuan, Junsong; Thalmann, Daniel
2003Hand powered generator for low power applicationsKho, Anderson Ngap Chai.
2009Hand sign language translation for human computer interactionKailasam Parvathy
2011Hand sign language translatorLow, Yew Keong.
2016Hand sign language translatorOng, Zhao Guang
2014Hand sign language translator in human computer interactionYang, Da Rui
2021Hand-held LiDAR scanner for social distancing measuresChong, Glendon
2013Hand-held ophthalmic camera for early detection and mass screening of eye diseasesAbdul Rashid Abdul Wahid
2013Hand-held ophthalmic camera for early detection and mass screening of eye diseasesTjia, Suriyanti.
2019Handheld photoacoustic imaging and sensing for 3D medical visualizationLiu, Siyu