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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999I/O buffer model development from IBIS and IMIC for simulation in SPICEWang, Ying.
1997An I/O interface for accessing fault data on the trainsTan, Boon Kiat.
2016IBEACON based mobile marketing system for shopping mallZhang, Tianli
2014iBeacon indoor location algorithm study on iPhone platformLu, Qiao
2001IC CAD & design automationJong, Ching Chuen
2013iCare elder home monitoring systemYe, HaoBo.
2015Ice Regelation: Hydrogen-bond extraordinary recoverability and water quasisolid-phase-boundary dispersivityZhang, Xi; Huang, Yongli; Sun, Peng; Liu, Xinjuan; Ma, Zengsheng; Zhou, Yichun; Zhou, Ji; Zheng, Weitao; Sun, Chang Qing
2019An ICI suppression analysis testbed for harbor unmanned ground vehicle deploymentNguyen, Tien Hoa; Nguyen, Thanh Hieu; Yoon, Taehyun; Jung, Woo-Sung; Yoo, Daeseung; Ro, Soonghwan
 2012ICMAT 2011 : Reliability and variability of semiconductor devices and ICsAsenov, Asen; Schlichtmann, Ulf; Tan, Cher Ming; Wong, Hei; Zhou, Xing
2010ICP-based solution to range-only simultaneous localization and mapping problemGuo, Guibing.
2005IDDQ testing for deep sub-micron SOCYe, Xiaocheng.
2022Ideal invisibility cloak for electrostatic fieldChua, Jia Jun
2022Ideal invisibility cloak for electrostatic fieldsYun, Weizhao
2021Ideal invisibility cloak for heat flowTan, Edmund Xin Da
 1989Ideal two-dimensional electron gas in a magnetic field and at non-zero temperatures : an alternative approachWang, Lipo.; O'Connell, R. F.
2023Identification and analysis of seashells in sea sand using computer vision and machine learningLiu, Tiejun; Ju, Yutong; Lyu, Hanxiong; Zhuo, Qinglin; Qian, Hanjie; Li, Ye
2000Identification and control of a distillation columnHuang, Fu Zhong.
1999Identification and control of flexible robotic manipulatorSundararajan, Narasimhan.
 2012Identification of a parametric loudspeaker system using an adaptive Volterra filterJi, Wei; Gan, Woon-Seng
2011Identification of block-oriented nonlinear systems based on input-output dataLi, Guoqi