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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A Java based interactive learning tool for antenna array pattern multiplicationZhang, Weijun
2011Java based interactive radar equationHong, Changlong.
2012Java based interactive tools for antenna beamforming simulationXu, Qian.
2013Jewerly retail management system developmentSun, Xin
 2012Jitter analysis of polyphase filter-based multiphase clock in frequency multiplierYin, Jee Khoi; Chan, Pak Kwong
2011Joint analysis of EEG and fMRI data : an exciting machine learning challengeVij Nikhil
2014Joint and individual variations in heterogeneous traffic data setsJere, Shashank Harish
2014Joint data detection and channel estimation for coded and uncoded continuous phase modulation signalsWang, Wenwen; Abeysekera, Saman S.
 2012Joint data detection and channel estimation for CPM in frequency-flat fading channelWang, Wenwen.; Abeysekera, Saman S.
 2012Joint decision-making and power allocation for one-bit feedback sensor communicationsZhang, Xiao Juan.; Ho, Chin Keong.; Ting, See Ho.; Motani, Mehul.; Gong, Yi.; Pandharipande, Ashish.
2022Joint decoding of communication signals and target detection for coexisting RadComm systemsHareharan, V.
 2015Joint Feature Learning for Face RecognitionLu, Jiwen; Liong, Venice Erin; Wang, Gang; Moulin, Pierre
2014Joint flexion/extension angle estimation using ultra-wideband (UWB) radiosLiu, Hao
2015Joint flexion/extension angle estimation using ultra-wideband (UWB) radiosWong, Wee Leong
 2012Joint iterative detection/decoding scheme for discrete two-dimensional interference channelsLi, Kwok Hung; Teh, Kah Chan; Yao, Jun.
2015Joint link-and-user scheduling for buffer-aided relaying system with adaptive rate transmissionLuo, Sheng; Teh, Kah Chan
2004Joint noise detection and median filtering for highly corrupted imagesKoh, Jerry Min Yee.
 2011Joint optimization of power allocation and relay location for regenerative relaying with multi-antenna reception at destinationZhang, Xiao Juan.; Gong, Yi.
2013Joint optimization of sensing threshold and transmission power in wideband cognitive radio with energy detectionLiu, Xin; Bi, Guoan; Jia, Min; Guan, Yong Liang; Zhong, Weizhi; Lin, Rui
2016Joint PAPR Reduction and Physical Layer Security Enhancement in OFDMA-PONZhang, Wei; Zhang, Chongfu; Chen, Chen; Jin, Wei; Qiu, Kun