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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007M-BTEA : the modified version of block teaSo, Lih Weon.
2002M-commerce : a Java approachArchana Khetan
2017M-OTDR sensing system based on 3D encoded microstructuresSun, Qizhen; Ai, Fan; Liu, Deming; Cheng, Jianwei; Luo, Hongbo; Peng, Kuan; Luo, Yiyang; Yan, Zhijun; Shum, Perry Ping
2019M1-D FDTD methods for mobile interactive teaching and learning of wave propagation in transmission linesTan, Eng Leong; Heh, Ding Yu
 2012A MAC-Layer QoS provisioning protocol for cognitive radio networksHow, Kiam Cheng; Ma, Maode; Qin, Yang
2012A Mach-Zehnder interferometer by combining a microtaper with a long period grating in an all solid photonic bandgap fiber and its temperature sensing characteristicWu, Zhifang; Jiang, Meng; Liu, Yan-Ge; Wang, Zhi; Shum, Perry Ping; Dinh, Xuan Quyen
 2014Machine health condition prediction via online dynamic fuzzy neural networksPan, Yongping; Er, Meng Joo; Li, Xiang; Yu, Haoyong; Gouriveau, Rafael
 2017Machine health monitoring using local feature-based gated recurrent unit networksZhao, Rui; Wang, Dongzhe; Yan, Ruqiang; Mao, Kezhi; Shen, Fei; Wang, Jinjiang
2022Machine learning / deep learning approach to soundscape analysisKoh, Cheng Yong
2023Machine learning / deep learning approach to soundscape evaluationsPhang, Rachel Rei Xuan
2017Machine learning algorithm for electroencephalography (EEG) based brain signal analysisTeo, Jeffrey Eng Hock
2017Machine learning algorithm for sleep studyGuo, Shuli
2013Machine learning algorithms for bed managementWong, Yong Sheng.
2021Machine learning analysis of biological cell laser spectral imagingSun, Jinglei
2022Machine learning and control applications for active gridsTng, Qi Feng
2018Machine learning and data fusion for an intelligent wearable deviceGalada, Aditya
2023Machine learning and deep learning methods for exchange-traded fund tradingJeremia, Alexander
2021Machine learning and real-time prediction of human motion for intelligent human-machine interfacesChen, Yongming
2018Machine learning and silicon photonic sensor for complex chemical components determinationZhang, Haochi; Muhammad Faeyz Karim; Zheng, Shaonan; Cai, H.; Gu, Y. D.; Chen, Shou Shun; Yu, H.; Liu, Ai Qun
2018Machine learning and silicon photonic sensor for complex chemical components determinationZhang, Hui; Karim, Muhammad Faeyz; Zheng, Shaonan; Cai, Hong; Gu, Yuandong; Chen, Shoushun; Yu, Hao; Liu, Ai Qun