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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011O-Level algebra question generator - part EWut Hmone Thinn.
2011O-Level algebra question generator--part DZhao, Yuelong.
2011O-Level calculus question generatorPhang, Peow Wai.
2022OAM-based reconfigurable doppler shifts enable PAPR reduction for multi-carrier doppler diversityZhao, Yufei; Ge, Yao; Yang, Zhaojie; Ju, Gaohua; Ma, Lu; Lu, Yilong; Guan, Yong Liang
2014Obfuscation and watermarking of FPGA designs based on constant value generatorsSergeichik, Vladimir V.; Ivaniuk, Alexander A.; Chang, Chip-Hong
2022Object aware learning for object detection in bad weather conditions (part 1)Mittal Ishan 
2018Object classification from segmented LiDAR input using 3 dimensional convolutional neural networksPangottil Shanoop
2011Object classification through selsected image segmentsTeng, Serene Shu Hui.
2020Object counting for intelligent video surveillanceZhang, Haobo
2022Object counting using machine learningTang, Haihan
2023Object depth estimation from single imageLong, Zhongtian
2018Object detection and distance measurement with computer visionZhu, Jun
2014Object detection and tracking from surveillance videosYuan, Ziying
2012Object detection and tracking motion for event analysisTan, Nicholas Sum Jun.
2023Object detection in car cabin environmentLee, Wai Yeong
2022Object detection under bad lighting condition for autonomous vehicles for rain imagesCai, Ziqiang
2022Object detection using artificial intelligenceWang, Tian
2018Object detection using machine learning techniquesHu, Xiaoxiang
2019Object detection using machine learning techniquesLi, Ling
2022Object detection using OTC LiDAR sensorsTan, Mark Jen Wei