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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Q-learning algorithms using fuzzy inference systemKattur Rajarethinam Ganeshrajhan
2012Q-switched neodymium-doped Y3Al5O12-based silica fiber laserStandish, R. J.; May-Smith, T. C.; Webb, A. S.; Yoo, Seongwoo; Sahu, Jayanta Kumar
2019QCL fabrication, characterisation and its applicationLee, Desiree Sze Pin
2001QFT-based robust controller design for three-phase PWM AC to DC voltage source converterSu, Chang Yi.
 2012QoE analysis for scalable video adaptationLi, Maodong; Chen, Zhenzhong; Tan, Yap Peng
 2012QoE-aware resource allocation for scalable video transmission over multiuser MIMO-OFDM systemsLi, Maodong; Chen, Zhenzhong; Tan, Yap Peng
2017Qos and security provisioning in 4G/5G LTE-advanced networksMuhammad Jawad Alam Wahla
2000QoS and traffic shaping in ATM networksPratik Srivastava.
2005QoS aware MAC with admission control for supporting VOIP over wireless ad hoc networksMohandas Pai Achuth.
2001QoS control for diffserv networkChen, Ying.
 2012QoS guaranteed resource block allocation algorithm in LTE downlinkZhao, Liqun; Qin, Yang; Ma, Maode; Zhong, Xiaoxiong; Li, Li
 2012A QoS oriented vertical handoff scheme for WiMAX/WLAN overlay networksMa, Dong; Ma, Maode
2003QoS prioritised flow control for ABR serviceLim, Eng Lee.
2012QoS provisioning in IEEE 802.16 WiMAX mesh networksZhang, Ruolan
2003QoS provisioning using flow label in IPv6 networksTang, Xiaohua.
2003QoS routing in mobile ad hoc networksMohammed Safiq Mohammed Iqbal.
2012QoS supports in 4G LTE wireless cellular networksShaik Dawood Abdur Raheem.
2013QoS-aware load-balancing algorithm for heterogeneous wireless networksMa, Mao-de; Ma, Ying-hong; Dong, Xu; Yi, Ke-chu; Jiao, Yi
2019QoS-driven optimized design-based integrated visible light communication and positioning for indoor IoT networksYang, Helin; Zhong, Wen-De; Chen, Chen; Alphones, Arokiaswami; Du, Pengfei
2017QPSK communication between two nodes using USRPNg, Eric Jia Qiang